The milk yield of high-yielding cows has increased significantly in recent years, but at the same time leads to higher susceptibility to metabolic diseases and fertility problems. Natural feed additives are therefore becoming increasingly important. A new type of oregano oil supplement supports forestomach and intestinal function.

Oregano oil in focus

In animal husbandry, oregano essential oil is used as a feed additive (flavoring agent). Oregano is known for its diverse effects such as antioxidant, antiviral and antifungal properties (LEYVA-LÓPEZ et al. 2017) and has a modulating and stabilizing effect on the gastrointestinal tract and the intestinal microbiome in particular.

Various studies with dairy cows have shown that oregano essential oil has rumen-modifying properties, which has positive effects on feed efficiency, milk yield and quality and can also have an inhibitory effect on methane formation in the rumen (DEWI AYU RATIH DANING et al. 2020). However, it is also known that a large proportion of oregano oil and its valuable bioactive substances are already metabolized in the rumen of ruminants. It is therefore no longer available in the intestine under physiological conditions.

To avoid this effect, we at DOSTOFARM have developed the product DOSTO®️ TMR bi-active, which is a combination of rumen-protected (through a matrix encapsulation of hardened vegetable fat) and rumen-available oregano oil. The added value of DOSTO®️ TMR bi-active lies in the release along the entire digestive tract of ruminants due to the rumen-stable components in the product. Thus, an effect in the rumen is realized by easily soluble carriers and a supply in the further gastrointestinal tract by rumen-stable aroma beads.

The capsule technology means that the oregano oil is placed twice in the digestive tract – both in the rumen and in the intestine.

In addition to positive effects on the performance and well-being of dairy cows, the appetizing effect of oregano oil in the ration can support the metabolic health of the animals in challenging phases such as the critical first trimester of lactation or during heat stress.

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