Sheep and goats are productive and versatile animals with tremendous genetic diversity. However, there are many similarities in their management as they face similar challenges throughout their productive lives.

DOSTO® bi-active
in feed

DOSTO® bi-active supports both rumen and intestinal function especially when nutrient needs are high, such as during pregnancy, lactation, growth and live weight gain.

DOSTO® Emulsion & DOSTO® in milk replacer

A good quality milk replacer and starter feed with DOSTO® Oregano oil supports the digestive system, reducing the risk of nutritional and infectious scours and the use of veterinary treatments.

DOSTO® Emulsion & DOSTO® in feed

DOSTO® Oregano oil provides the perfect basis for optimal feed intake, growth and rumen development at weaning and during fattening, especially during periods of high risk of coccidiosis outbreaks.

Trial results with DOSTO® bi-active in dairy sheep and goats

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Trial results with DOSTO® Oregano oil in lambs and kids

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Trial results with DOSTO® Oregano oil in weaned lambs and kids

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