DOSTO Oregano: A spice becomes a product for feed additive in modern animal husbandry

DOSTO® Oregano

A unique active ingredient: DOSTO® Oregano Oil

Oregano oil has been know for a long time for its positive properties in animal nutrition. Besides antibacterial effects, it has shown fungicidal, acaricidal and anti-protozoal effects, as well as many more properties which make oregano oil an effective feed additive for healthier animals.
But: not every oregano oil is alike. Depending on species, soil, climate, time of harvest, distillation and processing parameters as well as many other factors, there are tremendous differences in quality and efficacy. We at DOSTOFARM® guarantee a product of highest quality and consistency. Our DOSTO® Oregano is 100% all-natural - not synthetic and not "nature-identic".
To ensure this, we have control and responsibility for the entire production chain. We are the only manufacturer of oregano oil in the world who has it all in one hand: from the seed to the finished product, we take responsibility for optimal processing of the raw material, until we have the finished oregano products. We guarantee: 100% of the oregano oil in our DOSTO® Oregano products is from our own contracted cultivation in the black sea area.
Another reason for the high quality and efficacy of our DOSTO® Oregano Oil: Our DOSTO® Oregano variety, which we have selected from over 200 oregano varieties. We are only using our own variety "Origanum vulgare hirtum "Vulkan" to produce the seed and to grow the plants for our DOSTO® Oregano products.