Young lambs and kids are very susceptible to bloating or scouring due to nutritional factors (changes in milk feeding routine, stress, over feeding, high concentration of milk replacer or poor quality milk/milk replacer) and pathogen (bacteria (E. coli and salmonella) and protozoa (Eimeria and cryptosporidia).

Oregano essential oil has proven antibacterial properties. It also increases the palatability of milk and starter feeds, stimulating appetite and improving weight gain.

Field Study

The lambs from a farm with merino mother sheep in Bavaria (Germany) suffered from repeated occurrence of coccidiosis after the 4th week of life. The young animals have been treated metaphylacticly. Despite the preventive measures, 3% of the lambs suffer diarrheas and need to be treated with medication for the duration of 1 to 3 days.

Alternative concept with DOSTO® Emulsion

  • 4th day of life: 2 ml of DOSTO® Emulsion
  • 3rd week of life: 2 ml of DOSTO® Emulsion


The 58 lambs of the herd received two doses of 2 ml of DOSTO® Emulsion. Fifty-five of the lambs stayed healthy and didn’t show any diarrhea symptoms. The rest received a third dose of DOSTO® Emulsion. Only 1 of 58 lambs (1.7 %) needed a further veterinary treatment.

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DOSTO® Oregano application plan for sheep and goats

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Trial results with DOSTO® Oregano oil in lambs and kids

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Trial results with DOSTO® bi-active in dairy sheep and goats

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